Calm Waters Coffee Roasters in Bristol Borough

Yesterday, I was burdened with the difficult task of visiting one of my favorite, new coffee shops and ordering their vanilla latte. (My life is hard.)

That coffee shop is Calm Waters Coffee Roasters in Bristol, Pa. I came across the fairly new spot about a month ago after a yoga class one afternoon, (my yoga studio is right around the corner) and I stopped in for a vanilla latte. As soon as I took my first sip, I knew I’d be back for another. In fact, I had to stop by Mike’s clinic afterwards to drop something off, and I said, “OHMYGOSH. Here, you have to try this latte!” He, too, had to stop for a moment of his busy day and appreciate that fresh, gourmet flavor.

Calm Waters Coffee Roasters | Bristol, Pa. | |
I snapped these pics on my phone, so don’t judge the shop if the lighting isn’t ideal. The environment is as warm and welcoming as you’d hope it would be.

Cut to yesterday when I was able to spend a bit more time in the shop, and I was greeted with the warmest of smiles. The owners were so friendly during my visit, it was as if they had known me forever, even though I’m sure they don’t even remember seeing me the first time. That kind of true friendly service is only something you can find in a historic town like Bristol.

It’s apparent by the gallery wall featuring a local artist that they’re proud to support their community, and that’s great to see. In a time when I’m surrounded by national chains and quick transactions, it’s nice to know that goodhearted customer service still exists in the world.

Calm Waters Coffee Roasters | Bristol, Pa. | |

I didn’t want to bother them with questions because they seemed to be busy with other things, but I’m sure if I’d asked they would have given me their whole story. (Which is why I plan to go back sometime soon and have a real chat! Stay tuned!) It was clear that they both love coffee, and they’re working hard on their latte art and roasting skills, even though I’d say they’re pretty good at what they do now.

All in all, it was a lovely morning, and I can’t wait to go back. Until then, I bought some of their beans to brew at home, and I suggest you do the same. Lucky for you, they sell their coffee online, so you can have it delivered if you aren’t in the area. (However, if you are in the area, I would definitely suggest checking out the shop for yourself.)

I decided to start with the Guatemala blend, which is described as a “medium-full body” blend that’s “smoky with [a] smooth, dark chocolate finish”. Yes, please!

Calm Waters Coffee Roasters | Bristol, Pa. | | #hellolatte

They actually offer a three month coffee subscription in their online store, which you can use to pick any three (8 oz) coffees, and they’ll deliver all three bags every two weeks for three months. It’s only $126 and includes free shipping. I say you mark that one down on your holiday gift-giving list now, and get ready to bask in the glory of a gift that keeps on giving. (Mom & Dad, if you’re reading this, please act surprised if that shows up in your stocking this year.)

If you aren’t convinced yet, go check out some more pics on their Facebook page, and I’ll report back after I try the Guatemala blend.  I have a feeling based on the glorious smell of the beans that it will certainly measure up!  

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