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This past week, I was traveling back and forth to a real-life office for work. I’ve been working remotely from Philadelphia for a little over a year now, so it’s kind of a big deal when I have to drive back to Pittsburgh and work in my old office once in a while.

To start, it’s about a five hour drive across the state. Then, I usually stay with my parents on one side of the city and commute to my office on the opposite side, so it’s about an hour and a half drive each way with traffic. Needless to say, I don’t even want to count the number of miles I put on my car this week, and I don’t want to get back in that car for a while.

How, you may ask, did I keep track of all my blog posts and social media planning for the week during all that travel time? I used my Erin Condren LifePlanner of course!

Day Planning, Wedding Planning, Lesson Planning and Life Planning with Erin Condren | | #hellolatte #EClifeplanner #organization

This little book was actually the star of my trip. My coworkers were less excited to see me than they were to flip through the pages of my organizer and find out where they could create their own. And I don’t blame them. Sure, I bring a positive attitude and enthusiasm to the office, but the beautifully designed LifePlanner brings all that and more in a pretty package. (Come to think of it, maybe me and my LifePlanner have more in common than I thought…) 😉

Day Planning, Wedding Planning, Lesson Planning and Life Planning with Erin Condren | | #hellolatte #EClifeplanner #organization #organizeyourlife
Try not to judge my handwriting…keyboards have ruined me.

Seriously though, everyone was asking about it. I carried it with me to meetings, so I could take notes and add to my to-do list as necessary. Old school process, I know, but it was the personalized coverdry erase divider, stickers and accessories that really caught everyone’s attention.

This is not your average day planner. There are so many little touches that take this planner above and beyond. From the dry erase divider, which you can pop out and pop back in place each week, to the stickers and perpetual calendar that came with it, I can’t say enough about this product. (Ready to order your own yet? Use my personal referral link and get $10 off your purchase!)

I’ve been a sucker for a good planner my entire life, and this is truly the most helpful, organized, attractive personal assistant I’ve ever owned. Since ordering my own at the beginning of 2015, I’ve sent eGifts to graduates, so they could customize their own, and I’ve raved about it to all my nerdy friends who love organizing as much as I do.

Day Planning, Wedding Planning, Lesson Planning and Life Planning with Erin Condren | | #hellolatte #EClifeplanner #organization #organizeyourlife

Don’t get me wrong, I am all in on the technology revolution, and I’ve always got my smartphone, tablet, laptop and/or iMac by my side. But I still love the relief I feel from holding a calendar in my hands and writing on it. With a pen. Filled with ink. Even though my handwriting is now horrible from typing most of the time.

There’s something about laying things out in a weekly and monthly format that keeps me feeling calm and organized, no matter how many reminders I have set up on my phone. Plus, my planner came packaged with obvious care when it arrived, and they tossed in some extra pretty things I wasn’t expecting. Add to that the fact that the LifePlanner is artistically designed and customizable, and it’s Erin Condren FTW.

Did I mention you can also customize planners and other products specifically for your family, class schedule, wedding or lesson planning? Erin Condren and her team understand that women have A LOT going on and create products that help us stay on top of the things that matter most. (And no, they did not pay me to say that. I just think it’s true based on my experience and everything I’ve read on their website and other blogs.)

Day Planning, Wedding Planning, Lesson Planning and Life Planning with Erin Condren | | #hellolatte #EClifeplanner #organization #organizeyourlife

You should see some of the ways people are using their LifePlanners. These ladies (like Maggie of The Love Nerds) go crazy with stickers, color coding and accessories, so they have an organized plan for organizing their planner to help organize their lives. Clearly, there’s a lot of organization going on, but it’s so much fun.

I may not be quite on that level with mine, but I’m already looking forward to ordering my new planner and accessories for 2016. Yes, it can be a little pricier than a standard day planner from any old store, but it’s something that makes organizing enjoyable every single day, and to me, that’s worth every penny. (Plus, you’ll get $10 off if you use my referral link for your purchase!) Go get started, latte lovers!

If you’re a crazy cool life planner, please share your tips and tricks in the comments section below. I don’t know if I can even get on your level, but I’d love to know how you personalize your planning!

This post contains referral links. For more information, see my disclosures page.

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