Halloween Party Drinks for Big Kids

Kids get candy on halloween, and adults get drunk, right?

Okay, so maybe you’re not planning to get spooky drunk this weekend, but you can at least sneak a festive cocktail while your kids go trick-or-treating. Or, you can serve one in your dorm room and be the best party host/sexy firefighter who ever lived in a 75 square-foot space.

Halloween Party Drinks for Big Kids | Festive Cocktails | Halloween Beverages | Party Drinks | hellolatte.com
The Raven – 1-1/2 oz. coffee liqueur, 4 oz. cold cola and ice. Photo via DIYnetwork.com.

My original plan for this post was to round up the best drinks for a Halloween party, but it turns out DIYnetwork.com already did that for us. (Thanks guys!) Andddd they included free printable labels, so you can decorate your bar and look really put together. You know, before you have one too many Piña Gouladas, and trip over your bunny tail.

Snag all five drink recipes and their printable labels here.

My bonus beverage suggestion? This Pumpkin Pie White Russian with Coffee Ice Cubes from Lushworthy. Now, that’s a treat!

Check back tomorrow for coffee costumes you can copy, and more Halloween fun all week long! Who says procrastinators can’t get prepared?!

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