Healthy Noms from NatureBox

I love food. I think we all do, right?

Which is why we’ve been subscribing to NatureBox™ for about 4 months now.

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You’ve probably seen it advertised online or heard about it on your favorite podcast. It’s one of those monthly subscription boxes that have been popping up like crazy for every type of consumer. There’s Birchbox, Dollar Shave Club and even BarkBox, which is probably my next buy. I can’t resist a good chew toy. You know…for my dog.

So far, though, I’ve only hopped on the NatureBox train, and it actually started out as a gift for my boyfriend, Mike. I got him a subscription in July as part of his birthday gift because he likes to eat healthy, (most of the time) and we kept hearing about this option. I knew he wouldn’t order it for himself, so I took the plunge and setup our account. At first, he was taking the snacks to spice up his boring packed lunches at work, but recently his schedule changed, and he became a little too busy for afternoon snacks. So I decided to customize our box this month.

It’s really easy to setup your account. You just select the number of snacks you want and the delivery frequency, which determines the cost. We get five snacks per month for $19.95.

Healthy Snacks from NatureBox | #naturebox #monthlysubscriptionbox #healthysnacks #nom #happysnacking #mynaturebox |

Then, you answer a few questions about the types of food you like most, (plus any allergy or dietary restrictions) and they suggest a few snacks you might like to start with. The real fun comes when you get to browse all the snacks they offer. I really like the variety of flavors and ingredients.

At first I was skeptical about all subscription boxes because adding another monthly charge to my life is not really something I’m trying to do. But, a girl’s gotta eat, and I like to take snacks wherever I go to avoid hanger at all costs. (Check out my meal planning post for more ways to always be prepared.) Rather than resorting to sugar-filled candy bars or greasy chips, I feel much better about munching on nuts and granola that are “carefully sourced and nutritionist approved,” according to the makers of NatureBox themselves.

Healthy Snacks from NatureBox | #naturebox #monthlysubscriptionbox #healthysnacks #nom #happysnacking #mynaturebox |

This was the first time I picked all the snacks for myself, so needless to say, I was pretty excited. I’ve become a big fan of the Sriracha Cashew Crunch since we started ordering, so I added that to my pantry first.

The pantry is a really cool tool that comes with your NatureBox account. When you’re browsing through snacks, you add your picks to your pantry, and then your top choices are delivered in your next box. If they’re ever unavailable when your box is ready to ship, they’ll pick from the next items at the bottom of your pantry, but that’s never happened to us yet.

Healthy Snacks from NatureBox | #naturebox #monthlysubscriptionbox #healthysnacks #nom #happysnacking #mynaturebox |

This month, I also added honey dijon pretzels, guacamole bites, chocolate hazelnut granola and mocha almond bars. (Three bars count as one of my five snacks).

I like a mix of sweet and savory, so I’m prepared whenever cravings hit, but the best part about NatureBox is that YOU get to choose whatever mix you want. They even have oatmeal, baked treats and dried fruit, so you have lots of options.

Healthy Snacks from NatureBox | #naturebox #monthlysubscriptionbox #healthysnacks #nom #happysnacking #mynaturebox |

If you already have enough snacks or your bank account is running low one month, you can opt to skip that month and you won’t be charged. Your account will remain active, so your favorites are saved in your pantry unless you decide to permanently close it.

Whether you’re already a subscriber or you’re just considering it, I would definitely suggest you check out the NatureBox Blog. They have really cool posts featuring recipes and inventive ways to enjoy their snacks. Mashed sweet potatoes with granola crunch? Um, yes please.

If you’ve never ordered with them before, you can usually get a free trial to start out with, so take a look at (I don’t see that offer any more since I’m already a member.) Give it a try, and let me know about your favorite snacks. The seasonal fall and winter snacks arriving now look delish!

Happy Snacking!

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