Lenny Letter = Required Reading

It may seem strange to promote someone else’s content when I’ve just started to promote my own, but Lenny Letter is different. It’s important, and since it discusses serious social issues like politics, gender, race, reproduction, sex and religion, it doesn’t really compete with my posts about coffee and yoga.

So I’m suggesting you read both. 😉 There’s room for everyone here.

Lenny Letter = Required Reading | hellolatte.com | #hellolatte
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If you haven’t heard, Lenny Letter is the new email newsletter from Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner. (If you REALLY haven’t heard much in the past three or four years, these lovely ladies are the writers and executive producers of the HBO hit Girls. They’re also liberal women who aren’t afraid to push aside social norms and discrimination to make a better world for women and all minorities.)

Lenny Letter covers these types of issues and more, and if you’re just hearing about it now, then fear not—the first issue was just released on Tuesday, so you aren’t too far behind.

The feature article of the first issue was Lena’s interview with Democratic presedential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton. Whether or not you consider yourself a Democrat, I think it’s well worth your time, if only just to learn more about Hillary’s early life. The article includes photos from her childhood and tales of her time as a law student/activist during the Nixon era. Her casual, friendly conversation with Lena makes for a fun read, even though they mostly discuss topics which wouldn’t always be considered “fun”.

To quote the writers in their first issue:

We aren’t here to tell you how to think. We are pro-choice liberal women who recognize that “feminism” means many things to many people. But whether you agree with Hillary’s politics or not, she represents something beautiful and all too rare: a woman choosing to say “No thank you” to societal expectations. A woman who gets up when she’s been knocked down, attacked for not just her politics but her marriage and her body. A woman attempting to claim a historically male space and saying, without a trace of apology, “I can do this, and I deserve this.”

If you’re a woman, or you care about any woman on this earth, you should subscribe to their newsletter and read about more than just lattes. Once in a while.

(Seriously though, you can still read about lattes.)

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