Coffee and your body

I love learning. And nerdy videos. So, I thought I’d share a couple fun ones today.

I found the following videos on 5by, a “video concierge” app, which curates five daily videos from the internet and delivers them to your device. (In my case, my iPad.) I get a push notification at 9 p.m. each day, which is the time I selected to get my video reminder, so I don’t forget to watch.

Coffee & Your Body | How coffee affects the human body and why we're all so happily addicted to's a good thing! | Coffee's effects on the body |


To be honest, I don’t alwayssss watch all five, or any of them, if I’m super busy, but when I do have the time, it’s nice to have someone else pick some fun, cute and/or eye-opening videos for me, so I don’t have to go looking for entertainment.

Just like Bloglovin and Feedly, 5by is another way to curate the internet, so I can be a tiny bit lazier during my day.

First up is Your Brain On Coffee by AsapSCIENCE. I’ve seen a few videos before, and they each explain some sort of human behavior or scientific topic in a fun, simple way with cute illustrations. This one breaks down the anatomical reaction to coffee in a way that even science-phobes like myself can enjoy.

Then, there’s Coffee: The Greatest Addiction Ever. Aside from the accurate title, which I fully support, this video goes into a bit more detail about where and how coffee is grown, consumed and enjoyed by people all over the world. The images aren’t quite as unique or drawn by hand, but it’s a bit more informative on a broader scale. And its creator, CGP Grey, seems to love coffee as much as the rest of us, so he scored some extra brownie points.

I know the combined 7½ minutes for both videos is virtually a lifetime to our short attention spans, but if you want to know more about coffee then it’s definitely worth it. I mean, you’ve got all weekend, right? Happy Friday!

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