Draft Latte – Changing the coffee game

Happy Monday! Hope you’ve had an extra cup or two to get you through the day so far.

Daydreaming about #SundayFunday usually works for me, so I thought I’d share some of my caffeinated memories to inspire you this afternoon.


Yesterday, I spent my morning at La Columbe in Fishtown. Again.

I had somewhat of an excuse to go there because it was kind of on our way to visiting some family later in the day, but mostly, I’ve just become obsessed with the place. If I could take up residence at one of the tables I would, but that would probably scare off some of the other guests.

Instead, I’ve been going about once a week for the past couple weeks. There are just so many things to try that I never want to leave! (Luckily for the sake of  my bank account, there isn’t a shop that’s super close to where we live right now, or else I’d probably be there daily.)

This time I tried a black and tan, and I’m not talking about the kind that involves beer. La Columbe’s black and tan is a variation of the draft latte I mentioned in a previous post, and it’s a game changer.

Black and tan draft latte and a pumpkin scone from La Columbe in Fishtown, Philadelphia. #noms #truelove #hellolatte | Read more at hellolatte.com
As you can see, I pretty much scarfed everything down before I thought about taking a pic. Sorry not sorry.

I tried the original draft latte last week, and it was love at first sip. Typically, I’m not so into iced lattes because they don’t often have that frothed milk that really makes the hot latte special. I usually go for a standard cold brew coffee instead if I want something cold.

However, the black and tan combines all the elements you ever wanted from a cold brew and a latte into one magical love potion, and I’m officially hooked. It’s half draft latte, half Pure Black cold-pressed iced coffee, and it’s about as close as I’ve gotten to finding THE golden latte.

Not convinced yet? Check out this 20-second video, which can only be described as coffee porn.


Now are you excited? You should be because it’s delicious.

If you aren’t going to be in Philly any time soon, you can still get on board at one of these shops that also offer draft latte. They say draft latte is “Coming soon to all La Colombe cafes…then the universe,” so keep your fingers crossed.

While we were there, I got a pumpkin scone (noms), and my handsome date tried the biscuits and gravy breakfast, which was to die for and came hot in a rustic-style skillet.

For the road, he decided to grab a hot latte (yes, it’s that good that you need another for the road), but accidentally grabbed the order of another customer with the same name, so we got to take home a regular coffee too (of which brew, I’m not sure since we didn’t actually order it). Both were fabulous, and while four coffees and two breakfasts may have been a bit much for two people, I considered it a successful Sunday.

I hope your Monday is as caffeinated as my Sunday, and you have a wonderful week! Enjoy!

Is there a coffee shop or a specific drink that keeps you going? Let me know in the comments section below…I’d love to try it!


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