Natural Deodorant That Doesn’t Suck

Today, I want to talk about underarms. 🙀 Not the cutest body part and not one that I really like to display, but one that receives a lot of abuse from razors and harsh deodorants.

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I’ve been trying to find a natural deodorant I liked for years. Over time, I tried quite a few of the widely-available products and some small locals brands, but they all either dried me  out or left me feeling wet and sticky when I wasn’t even sweating. I know that’s a little graphic, but I swear it was the gel composition, not me. So, I’m not into the gel.

Or the spray. I used a spray deodorant once and had horrible dry, itchy skin for weeks, so I stay away from that, too. I realize it could have just been that brand and other sprays would be fine, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. Red, itchy armpits are not ideal.

My skin is extra sensitive because I have atopic dermatitis, so I have to be careful about what I apply. The rest of my products are all gentle and natural except my deodorant. Until now.

(In case you’re wondering, some of my favorite skin and hair care brands include Burt’s Bees, Cetaphil, Cerave, Avalon Organics, Aveeno and YES TO. They’re all in my bathroom right now.)

Deodorant was the last on my list to go natural because it seemed like such a struggle to find one that worked. I don’t want to use chemicals (or aluminum!) on my body, but I also don’t want to gross people out (including myself) by using something natural that doesn’t work or worse, by using nothing at all.

Natural Deodorant That Doesn't Suck | Fig & Yarrow Apothecary Underarm Lotion | #naturalskincare #naturaldeodorant #bestnaturalproducts #figandyarrow #apothecary #skincare #sensitiveskin #dermatitis #allnatural #herbs #antiperspirant #hellolatte |

When I heard about Fig+Yarrow’s Underarm Lotion on The Stripe, I was intrigued. I’m all about natural lotions since my skin is so dry, but I never heard of a lotion specifically for underarms. And not only is it supposed to moisturize, but it also claims to discourage odor and excessive moisture.

Grace from The Stripe tried out all the top natural deodorants and gave a super detailed comparison on everything from formula to fragrance and performance. After reading her post and the comments from readers, I thought Fig+Yarrow sounded like the best option for me.

If you’re super concerned about price, then this one at $22 for 2 fl oz. probably isn’t for you. But, if you’re super concerned about using all-natural products on your gentle skin, then you should definitely give Fig+Yarrow a try.

Natural Deodorant That Doesn't Suck | Fig & Yarrow Apothecary Underarm Lotion | #naturalskincare #naturaldeodorant #bestnaturalproducts #figandyarrow #apothecary #skincare #sensitiveskin #dermatitis #allnatural #herbs #antiperspirant #hellolatte |

So far, I’ve only  been using it for a couple days, but I’ve had no irritation to my skin. It smells herbal in a light, natural, not-so-overwhelming way that makes me feel one with nature, which I almost never feel.

It’s also November, and I’m not much of a sweater, but I’ve remained totally dry from applying just once in the morning. If you’re generally sweaty, I can’t say personally how this would work, but everyone on The Stripe seemed to cite Fig+Yarrow as the best natural deodorant for a good workout. My biggest workout so far has been unpacking Christmas decorations, which can get a little crazy, and I was good to go.

So far so good is what I’m saying. I’ll report back if anything changes as time goes on, but until then, I would definitely suggest you check out Fig+Yarrow. There’s even a Black Friday offer on Bath+Body Kits if you hurry, including one with Cardamom+Coffee Body Scrub! Now, that’s a holiday skincare gift that does not stink. Literally.

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