High Brew Cold Brew Take Two

I was not financially compensated for this post. Although I received samples from High Brew Coffee for review purposes, all opinions are 100% my own.

Santa came early to our house!

You might remember a couple weeks ago when I tried High Brew Coffee for the first time. I noticed the Dark Chocolate Mocha flavor at Target and being a self-proclaimed chocoholic decided to give it a shot. Only to realize my tastes in coffee have recently changed…

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Since exploring the world of alternative coffee shops, brewing methods and roasters, I’ve come to enjoy a bold, flavorful brew not interrupted by added flavors and sweeteners. Don’t get me wrong—I still had a couple Starbucks holiday drinks this year, and I usually add a teensy bit of sugar or sweet cream to most of my home brews, but my days of adding syrups, sugars and flavor shots to my daily cup are long gone. Now, I’m all about appreciating the bold flavors of expertly roasted beans. Crazy, right?

Well, the sweet people over at High Brew wanted me to give them another shot with some of their not-so-sweet brews, so they sent me some samples to try again. And let me tell you, just like Goldilocks and her perfect porridge, the Dairy Free Black & Bold variety was justtttt right for my tastebuds.

The samples I received included Dairy Free Black & Bold and Double Espresso. I tried both and liked both. I even tried combining them in a glass with ice to see if they made a good combo…which they did.

High Brew Cold Brew Take Two - Cold Brew Coffee Review | #productreview #coffeelover #coffeeblog #coldbrew #highbrew #fairtrade #caffieneaddict #lattelover #coffee #yum | hellolatte.com

However, the Black & Bold with just a touch of sweet cream was the perfect sip for me. (The coffee itself contains only 1g of sugar.) I could taste all the flavor that comes from a good cold brew without the bitterness that comes from heating the beans.

(Did you know that cold brew is a lot less bitter than hot-brewed coffee and WAY better for your teeth?? Read all about it in my cold brew post!)

If you normally drink your coffee black or just want to appreciate the coffee for what it is, then Black & Bold is for you. If you want something slightly sweeter and/or don’t have a glass with sweet cream on hand, go for the Double Espresso. It’s still only lightly sweetened with pure cane sugar (7g of sugar per can) and gives you a boost without going overboard.

Did I mention there are only 20 calories in the Black & Bold and 50 calories in the Double Espresso? Three cheers for guilt-free caffeination!

Speaking of caffeine, one can of either flavor contains 130-150mg of naturally-occurring caffeine from 100% fair trade arabica beans. Here’s the complete nutrition facts for each of the flavors:

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For realsies people…this stuff is legit. And I’m not saying that because they paid me to say it. Because they didn’t pay me. But they deserved a second shot, and I’m glad I followed my gut the second time around with the Black & Bold. Choosing your favorite flavor is serious business, y’all. Super serious.

So, go grab a can using High Brew’s Store Finder or order some online. Ya know…if you’re into fair trade products that taste good, give you energy and travel well during your crazy schedule.

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2 thoughts on “High Brew Cold Brew Take Two

  1. This is awesome! It made me giggle and prompted me to get out of my chair for my late afternoon can of Double Espresso.

    It means the world to us that you gave High Brew Coffee another chance.

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