It’s Erin Condren Time Again!

If you follow hellolatte on Instagram, (and why wouldn’t you?) then you know I did a little online shopping this morning.  #TreatYoself was (and always is) kind of my motto, although TBH, most of my spending today came in the form of paying bills and ordering Christmas gifts for the fam. That’s a December pay day for ya!

My Erin Condren Notebook & Accessories for 2016 | #LifePlanner #ErinCondren #PlannerAddict #PersonalizedClassic |
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What I did order to treat myself were some goodies from Yes, it’s that time of year again, and I’ve been waiting for quite some time to figure out exactly what I wanted. If you don’t know about the LifePlanner™ and other gorgeously organized products from Erin Condren, check out this post I wrote a while back, or just search Erin Condren on Instagram or Pinterest…you’ll find some ladies who are SERIOUSLY into planning their lives in the most crafty, adorable ways possible.

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I’m not quite that serious about my planning, but I still love a good notebook, and I always have. Paper books and notebooks are like gold to me, especially now that people are using them less and less. I just love the feeling of holding it in my hand and taking it wherever I go…which I realize you can do with your phone or tablet, and I happen to carry those around as well. I use Reminders and Notes on my phone and iPad like every modern day human, but it’s just not the same, and I feel much more organized with some paper backups.

My Erin Condren Notebook & Accessories for 2016 | #LifePlanner #ErinCondren #PlannerAddict #PersonalizedClassic |
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I did something a little different this year, though. Throughout 2015, I’ve been using the jolly jester LifePlanner. It’s a super cute geometric design and includes all the special touches of any EC LifePlanner or product. But, unfortunately, I don’t feel like I used it to its potential. It’s almost too organized for my needs, if that makes sense.

My day to day life is pretty laid-back, and since I work from home as a copywriter and blogger, I kind of go with the flow each day when it comes to projects. My coworkers at the credit union will call and email me when they need something edited or written, and I’ll come up with a blog post when I get an idea or read some inspiration elsewhere online. There’s not much that I plan ahead of time except for occasional meetings I have to call in for, and random appointments to the vet, doctor, auto shop, etc.

My Erin Condren Notebook & Accessories for 2016 | #LifePlanner #ErinCondren #PlannerAddict #PersonalizedClassic |

My style of planning happens more in the form of to-do lists and reminders that can be completed on more of a flexible schedule. Like I said, I use the Reminders and Notes apps on my phone ALL DAY every day, but I rarely use the calendar app. That’s actually been my favorite part about working from home…I don’t have to schedule time to go to the gym and make dinner and watch the next episode of Empire like I did when I commuted to and from an office each day…I just do what I need and want to do as I have the time. Some moments are busier than others, so I’ve figured out how to use my time wisely to maintain a more balanced, stress-free life. Which is pretty much as awesome as it sounds, except for the fact that I don’t get a lot of human interaction. But, that’s beside the point.

The point is that my mind works on more of a free-form schedule, and my planner will now reflect that. Or, should I say, my notebook will now reflect that. I decided to order a personalized classic notebook from Erin Condren instead of a LifePlanner this year. It’s gasp-worthy, I know, but I think it’s going to be perfect. I went with the bloom cover because I love the colors and greens on this design, and I love the quote, too. A reminder to make the most out of every situation is always a good thing! Mine will obviously say my own name, not Emma & Charles Sutton, although I’m sure they’re a lovely couple.

My Erin Condren Notebook & Accessories for 2016 | #LifePlanner #ErinCondren #PlannerAddict #PersonalizedClassic |

Since I do need to keep track of some dates for vacations, doctors, parties, weddings, meetings and that type of stuff, I also ordered the 2016 on-the-go monthly calendar pictured earlier in the post. It’s a simple calendar with a two-page spread for each month, which will be perfect for jotting down appointments and bringing to meetings when I do head into the office.  I’m planning to keep it with the notebook, but I like that it’s also separate too, so I can spread everything out in front of me during a brainstorm.

My Erin Condren Notebook & Accessories for 2016 | #LifePlanner #ErinCondren #PlannerAddict #PersonalizedClassic |

Of course, I also had to add a pen holder for my notebook, and I’m really looking forward to using the lined pages and colorful blank pages in my notebook for doodles and drawings. I’m thinking it will be perfect for scribbling out thoughts about marketing projects, blog posts, bridal showers, bachelorette parties (my besties are getting married, not me!) and other random stuff in that random order that my brain seems to love.

I’m interested to see how this method works and how I might decide to adjust with more accessories once I receive my initial order. Like I’ve said before, if there’s a way to get me excited about planning and organizing my life in a beautiful way, then I’m all for it!

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