Quick, Full-Body Workouts For Your Busiest Days

The yoga and fitness section of hellolatte has not developed as much as I had hoped it would by this point, probably because it hasn’t been as big a part of my life over the last month or two as I had hoped.

I’m definitely not a fitness addict or a workout queen, so I didn’t want that to be the main focus of the blog anyway, but I do tend to let workouts fall off my schedule first when I start getting busy with work, the holidays, events, etc., and that shouldn’t be the case.

Luckily, keeping up with my pup, Sadie, helps me from being totally sedentary during the work day, but I know I feel much better physically and mentally when I can squeeze in a solid hour or so of yoga or spinning. However, taking a couple hours to get ready, get to the gym and work out can seem impossible sometimes, which is why I love workouts like these to sprinkle in when I have time.

20-Minute No-Running Cardio Blast

by POPSUGAR Fitness

Do this cardio blast any time, anywhere with no equipment and very little space needed.

Quick, Full Body Workouts for Your Busiest Days | Healthy Body. Happy Body. | hellolatte.com | #fitness #fullbodyworkout


30 Day Fitness Challenges

by 30dayfitnesschallenges.com

There are tons of options for these challenges, but my favorites are the 30 Day Arms Challenge, 30 Day Butt Challenge and 30 Day Abs Challenge. You can do them all at once since there are only a few moves for a few minutes each day, and you can spread them out over time. I like one in the morning, one around lunchtime and one at night while I’m relaxing before bed. (A quick workout actually can help you relax since you’ll feel more accomplished and ready to call it a night after you’re done!)

Quick, Full Body Workouts for Your Busiest Days | Healthy Body. Happy Body. | hellolatte.com | #fitness #fullbodyworkout


Victoria’s Secret Model Workout: 10-Minute Fat-Blasting Circuit

by POPSUGAR Fitness

You may have noticed I recommend POPSUGAR Fitness a lot, and that’s because they’re all about making health and fitness easy and approachable. I’ve mentioned this one before in a previous post, and it’s one of my favorites because you really work up a sweat and feel results quickly. Andddd picture yourself working it on the runway with Alessandra, Gigi, Kendall,  Lily, Candice and Behati to name a few.


It’s these types of quick, high intensity workouts that are going to get me through holiday shopping, travel, party planning and the busy season at work, so I’m sprinkling in as many as I can each day! What are your favorite quick fixes? Do you save all your favorites on Pinterest?? Send us your tips in the comments section below!

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