Starbucks Christmas Blend vs. Holiday Blend

It’s a given that you’ve already enjoyed one (or a few) of your favorite Starbucks® Holiday beverages this season, but have you tried the Christmas Blend Vintage 2015?

Starbucks Christmas Blend vs. Starbucks Holiday Blend | #hellolatte #Starbucks #ChristmasBlend #HolidayBlend #tastethedifference #coffeelover #StarbucksAddict #Christmas2015 |
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You can enjoy it brewed by your favorite barista in pretty much any Starbucks store, or if you need it every day, like myself, you can grab a bag of whole beans or ground coffee to brew at home.

Each year, Christmas Blend is a little bit different, and this year it’s super addicting. Once you try it, it becomes part of your holiday tradition, and it’s kept me in the holiday spirit even through the record-breaking warm temperatures we’ve been having here in Philly. (Like, it’s been 55-70 degrees most of December…it’s terrifying and wonderful all at the same time, and I’m fine without a White Christmas.)

Anyway, I’ll let some more qualified coffee enthusiasts show you what Christmas Blend all about:


You really want to try some now, huh? The magic of movies, folks.  🙌

If you’re going to try some, you should know that Starbucks Christmas Blend is different from Starbucks Holiday Blend. As far as I know, you can get Holiday Blend in most grocery stores, Target and the like, but I’ve only seen Christmas Blend in Starbucks stores and on Which means is MUST be more special, right?! I mean they made an entire two-minute video about it, so clearly, it’s special.

Starbucks Christmas Blend vs. Starbucks Holiday Blend | #hellolatte #Starbucks #ChristmasBlend #HolidayBlend #tastethedifference #coffeelover #StarbucksAddict #Christmas2015 |
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Both flavors also come in K-Cup® packs (which you may recognize from hellolatte’s Instagram account) and Verismo® pods. Over the past couple weeks, I’ve gone through Holiday Blend K-Cups and a bag of whole beans, and now I’m onto Christmas Blend whole bean. This holiday season has been very merry at my house!

Although they’re both made with beans from similar regions of the world, Christmas Blend is described a full-bodied and bold dark roast with spicy and smooth tasting notes, while Holiday Blend is considered to be a balanced, smooth and rice medium roast with sweet and layered flavors.

As an everyday coffee enthusiast, I’d say they’re noticeably different, and it’s worth trying each of them as a special holiday treat to yourself. I would recommend buying whole bean if you have a grinder at home, and even if you don’t, go for the whole bean and ask the barista to grind it for use in your coffeemaker. It will still be much fresher and tastier than the ground bags!

Starbucks Christmas Blend vs. Starbucks Holiday Blend | #hellolatte #Starbucks #ChristmasBlend #HolidayBlend #tastethedifference #coffeelover #StarbucksAddict #Christmas2015 |
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They also offer Christmas Blend Espresso Roast and Decaf Christmas Blend, neither of which I have tried yet, but you can ask for them to be used in your classic Starbucks drinks in-store while supplies last. Check them all out for yourself here. (They’re on sale online now, so consider ordering that way to save a few bucks…I didn’t know that until it was too late after buying mine in store this morning, but that’s okay…I’m worth it.  💁🏼)

Happy Holidays, latte lovers!  ❤️

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