Starbucks’ Holiday Spice Flat White

Well, latte lovers…I burned my mouth today. But, that’s only because I simply couldn’t wait another minute to try Starbucks’ Holiday Spice Flat White. And it was worth it.

Holiday Spice Flat White from Starbucks - A new Christmas tradition. | #flatwhite #holidayspiceflatwhite #Starbucks #redcup #hellolatte #coffeeblog |

It was one of the first times in a while that a TV commercial really caught my eye and got me to act right away. Since advertising is part of my day job (and my evening job, a.k.a. hellolatte), I like to think that I’m above the influence it can have on our purchases. Not because I think all advertising is a bad influence; on the contrary I think for the most part it’s really become warm and good-hearted lately as consumers become a bit more media savvy. Like this amazing Barbie ad I saw on Thanksgiving that brings me to tears every time. So sweet, funny and inspiring! You really can be anything, girls!  😭😭

The Starbucks commercial didn’t really make me cry; it just made me thirsty. I saw it last night while I was waiting for Scream Queens to come on, and I knew I had to try it ASAP. (Yes, I realize how basic that statement makes me, and I’m admitting it anyway. #RealTalk.)

Now, maybe I’m crazy, and the coffee gods spoke only to me that night, telling me to get to Starbucks STAT, but I can’t find that darn commercial ANYWHERE on the internet. I’m telling you, I searched the entire internet, and it’s not there. Granted, the Holiday Spice Flat White was only released two days ago, so the ad couldn’t have been running for long, but that’s practically two years in internet time. Someone find me that video, so I know I’m not losing it.

Until then, some photos and a good description will have to do. If you haven’t had a Flat White from Starbucks yet, it’s basically the same as a Caffè Latte. Sorry Starbucks, but it is. The traditional flat white is a controversial and confusing drink in itself (read all about the Aussie vs. Kiwi debate here), but it’s basically all about that micro-foamed milk on top.

The Holiday Spice Flat White is actually a pretty unique addition to Starbucks’ holiday collection. It’s slightly reminiscent of the PSL and slightly reminiscent of the smell of potpourri in a grandma’s bathroom. But in the best way possible! (I think it’s the cloves giving me those potpourri vibes…don’t let that creepy visual deter you.)

It’s actually really good and tastes like how the holidays should taste. It’s not overloaded with sugar…it’s like a nice, warm, spicy friend to take with you when you pick out your Christmas tree. Like the real ones that you chop down yourself. My family is basically allergic to all nature, so we’ve never done that, but I imagine the Holiday Spice Flat White would taste perfect for that occasion. Here’s what’s inside:

Holiday Spice Flat White from Starbucks - A new Christmas tradition. | #flatwhite #holidayspiceflatwhite #Starbucks #redcup #hellolatte #coffeeblog |

Pretty cool, right?

And here’s how Starbucks beverage developer Michelle Sundquist describes the development of Starbucks newest holiday beverage:

“We were inspired by the practice of mulling cider, so we crafted our own holiday mulling spice blend of ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, sugar and a touch of tangerine. The spices and velvety milk perfectly complement Starbucks Christmas Blend Espresso Roast. The spices further develop in the warm milk and lightly enhance the flavor of the beverage. Because it’s so subtle, you don’t taste the holiday mulling spices until you take a couple sips. And then a touch of sweetness and the slightest note of tangerine flavor come through.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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