The Secret Life of Pets

Eek, a new movie is coming (next Summer), and I’m really excited about it. I tend to love animated family films more than the average childless adult, but I like to chalk that up to a youthful spirit and two years of working at The Walt Disney Company.

Surprisingly, the film called The Secret Life Of Pets is actually not from Disney who usually creates all my favorites. Instead, it’s coming from Illumination Entertainment who brought us Despicable Me and Minions. (Also great animated films which even the most loyal Disney fans would likely support.)

Illumination has released this teaser trailer, and it’s being compared to Toy Story, except with pets instead of toys:


Maybe even more hilarious due to its perfect timing is this video from, which shows some of the characters posing for their holiday photos:


We tried taking Sadie to get her picture with Santa this weekend, and the amount of craziness taking place in the line combined with a not-so-convincing Santa suit turned us off, but I know she would have hated me for it anyway. Instead, I snuck this shot when she froze with fear after I placed a little elf hat on her head.  😂😂

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Frankly, I’m super excited to see The Secret Life of Pets and think about my own animals doing crazy stuff while I’m gone. Any time I’ve left my iPad camera set up to creep on Sadie, she’s been pretty tame, but she’s a smart one…she probably knew she was being recorded and kept her secret life on the DL. #Trickster.

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