Being A Bridesmaid

Happy 2016, latte lovers! I’m a little late on that, I know, but this new year has already brought me lots of exciting changes to keep me busy.

One of the biggest is the upcoming wedding of my oldest bestie, Connie. (Hey girl, hope you don’t mind me telling the internet about your life 😘) We’ve been friends since 2nd grade, and as of today, her wedding is exactly two months away. (Eek!) Her shower and bachelorette are just 10 short days away, so needless to say, as a bridesmaid, I’ve been busy scheming and planning to help give her a magical day, and I can’t believe it’s almost here.

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This is the cute little gift Connie sent me to officially ask me to be her bridesmaid. I fooled a few family members with my Instagram post when they looked quickly and thought I said yes to my own engagement. (For the record, a green, watermelon-flavored rock is not my engagement ring of choice, but it was perfect for this occasion.)

We decided to have the bachelorette on the same night as the shower because half the bridal party now lives in different cities, and we wanted to make sure we could all be there for the big events. Obviously, I can’t say too much yet, so I don’t ruin the surprise for the bride-to-be, but thanks to Pinterest and the other loving ladies in the party, we’ve got a lot of fun stuff planned. Andddd a lot of recovery time scheduled with a day or two off after what I expect to be an entire 24 hours with no sleep. #WorthIt.


Being a bridesmaid definitely takes a lot of time and work, but it’s so worth it to give your best girls everything they’ve ever dreamed of. Connie found the perfect guy, too, so that makes it even easier on us. (Hey Tyler. Thanks for reading my blog ♥)

If you’ve ever been a bridesmaid, you know it can get pretty stressful at times, especially when everyone has their own busy lives in different parts of the world, but Buzzfeed’s 28 Most Underrated Parts Of Being A Bridesmaid cracks me up and reminds me of all the strange, inappropriate positives of supporting your girls. Check it out if you’re feeling overwhelmed with your own bridesmaid experience, and remember—you may have a year or so of stressful planning to do, but she’s the one who has to deal with a lifetime of marriage. We got off easy, sister. 😉

Stay tuned for pretty pics and a recap of the shower in just a couple weeks!!

P.s. A Wedding Planner notebook from Erin Condren makes an awesome engagement present for any bride, especially if she’s a bit of a perfectionist like myself. Check out all the reasons I love EC in my previous posts here and here, then sign up with my referral link (← here!!) to receive $10 off your first order! Happy planning!!

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