hellolatte is your hub for popular topics you can discuss over coffee with friends, whether they’re your besties IRL or us, the online community. Because let’s face it, we do much of our communicating online these days, and it’s becoming harder and harder to meet up with other humans in person. To keep you up to date, I’ll cover the following topics, organized by category on the blog:

1.  The Golden Latte

My quest for the perfect cup of coffee, captured by drink reviews, pretty pics of my coffee adventures, featured shops, etc. I may never find the golden latte, but I can certainly enjoy trying! (It’s mostly just an excuse to try as many beverages and brewers as possible.)

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2.  DIY Drinks & Treats

My take on home brews and recipes I’ve tried for delicious drinks and tasty treats.

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3. Sip of the Day

AKA Thoughts of the Day. News and trending topics you can discuss over coffee with friends. Especially women’s issues, work/life balance, relationships, COFFEE and all things feminine.

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4. Healthy Body. Happy Body.

Yoga, fitness & nutrition for real girls.

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Just for the record, I don’t claim to be a coffee expert, although i wouldn’t mind the (taste) testing involved with becoming one.

I’m not experienced in picking the best beans or recognizing every flavor and nuance of a new brew just from a single sniff. I’m experienced in writing. And editing. And promotions, and PR, and marketing. Which means, I’m experienced in the 2 p.m. slump in the workday when even a single-serve brewer can be a lifesaver when it comes to your to-do list. I love coffee like we all do, and with good reason. That stuff keeps you going!

hellolatte is dedicated to that enjoyment of the everyday cup of coffee and all the feels that come with it. The conversations you have over a cup with friends and the obsession we all seem to have with the stuff. I won’t turn my nose up at the occasional Frappuchino® or the automatic drip of Mr. Coffee® at home. I’ll try it all.

The bottom line: hellolatte is approachable coffee for the average drinker. If we all become experts along the way, then hey, at least we learned something while we enjoyed every. last. slurpable sip.

For more info about me, Erica, check out the About Me page.

I’d love to hear about you too! Tell me what you love, what you’d like to see more of and what you could do without in the comments section below. Or follow along on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and RSS. You can also subscribe via email to receive the day’s posts in your inbox by adding your email to the box at the top of this page. So pour yourself a cup, settle in and read on. You deserve it.

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