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If you’re reading this around the time it was posted, then you probably already know me. But if you happened upon this page via social media or some other realm of the internet, then welcome! My name is Erica Tuite, and I created hellolatte as a creative outlet for myself and a place for coffee lovers to unite. You can read all about the blog here, but if you want to know more about me, then you’re in the right place.

About Erica | hellolatte.com
I took this picture in my college apartment as part of a self portrait assignment in a photography class. Mine, of course, included coffee. Circa 2012.

I grew up in a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and lived in the city and Southside areas while I attended Duquesne University. There, I met my boyfriend, Mike, who I’ve been with since I was 18, and got my degree in public relations/advertising and journalism (double major).

During college and for a year or so afterward, I worked for Radio Disney Pittsburgh, hosting promotional events in the area for The Walt Disney Company and their advertising partners. It was an amazing job with a wonderful team full of crazies who became some of my closest friends. Unfortunately, Radio Disney made the decision to close most of its local stations during the later half of 2014, so our magical team was disbanded. It was probably the most fun I’ll ever have at a job, but I understood their reasons for shutting down. A radio station for kids and families can’t really sustain life when kids don’t listen to the radio anymore…at least on traditional radio, which is why Radio Disney is now broadcast mostly on satellite and online/mobile stations as far as I know. Life happens online now, and I’m okay with that. Which is why we’re here. On the internet.

Anyway…while I continued to work at Radio Disney on the weekends after graduation, I spent my weekdays as a marketing specialist for a local credit union. I NEVER thought I would be writing about finances before I took that job, but I ended up liking the organization so much that I stuck around and still work for them remotely today. (Side note—if you’re looking for a new financial institution, loan, credit card or anything that affects your finances, I would strongly suggest checking out out a credit union first. They did not pay me to say that, but I’ve learned so much working there that I now suggest credit unions to all my family and friends. They care about people!)

About Erica | hellolatte.com
Me & my scruffy princess Sadie (and my dad snoozing in the background) circa Christmas 2014.

And that leads us to now. I currently live outside Philadelphia with my boyfriend and our terrier mix, Sadie. When we decided to move across the state for his job, my employer graciously offered me a work-from-home position doing similar work as I did in the office, but this time focusing on my true loves, writing and editing. I still do some layout and design, but for the most part I spend my time writing and editing newsletters, emails, web content, ads, press releases and anything else the credit union needs. I’m the words girl.

I really do enjoy my job, but I’m able to be so productive in my quiet, home office that I’m left with some spare time. I started looking for a creative outlet and thought about blogging as a way to write whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, which was enticing. But it was also scary. There are SO. MANY. BLOGS out there. Like millions. Or maybe even billions. It’s crazy, and I had no idea how to break through all that. As much as I loveee my friends and family for reading my posts (For real. You guys are da best.), I want this conversation to be bigger. But even the best writers covering the most interesting topics can get lost in all that noise.

After taking some time to decide upon the focus of my content (I obviously landed on coffee), I took even more time to read the stories of other bloggers and take their advice. (If you’re in that boat now, I strongly suggest Abby of Just a Girl and Her Blog‘s eBook called “Building Your Framework”. It’s a wonderful roadmap for even the most clueless beginners.) I took pages and pages of notes and imagined exactly how I wanted my blog to look, function and sound. And finally, after all that, we’re here. hellolatte finally exists and hopefully you’re reading it right now. And for that, I thank you. But enough about me.

What I really want from this project—aside from a chance to think about lattes all day long—is to connect with readers and fellow coffee enthusiasts. I want to know what YOU want to read about. And talk about. And taste test. Scroll down to the comments section or connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram to let me know what you love about coffee, the blog and life. Let me know what types of content you could do without and what keeps you coming back for more, so that I can adjust and plan and give you what you need. Feel free to share some links with your latte-loving friends and family, and ask what they want to read about, too. Whether it be coffee myths, trends, news or the rest of your day, which you can conquer thanks to your travel mug. We can discuss it all and learn along the way, so don’t be shy. Continue to stop by and say hello, latte.

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures page.

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  1. Great blog Erica. I’m just trying to understand
    blogs etc since I’m old! LOL. Yours is awesome !!! Not that I’m biased or anything.!
    Good luck!

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